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We are waiting your visit. With 100 kinds, 3000 plum trees and 10 "Miss.Plum" ladys.


    Kairakuen, one of the most celebrated gardens in Japan, was built by Nariaki Tokugawa(1800-1860), the ninth Lord of Mito. The name of the garden "Kairaku" means "to share pleasure with people", and the garden was opened to the vassals of the Mito Clan and all people of Mito for their intelectual entertainment and amusement.
    Nariaki, who pondered over the idea of designing the garden by himself, decided upon the place and structure of Kobuntei, and started construction in 1841. The main part of the garden was completed the next year.
    From the garden, the pastoral landscape of Japan can be enjoyed. The garden is in harmony with the surrounding nature, and in each season the garden has a tasteful and elegant atomosphere.
    In Kairakuen, more than three thousands plum trees are planted, and in early spring many people enjoy the flowers and thier fragrance.

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